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Voices of the Left Behind
Project Roots and the Canadian War Children of World War Two

By Olga Rains, Lloyd Rains and Melynda Jarratt

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Voices of the Left Behind
226 pages
Contains more than one hundred original b&w archival photographs, documents and correspondence from private collections and the National Archives of Canada.
Colour soft cover
Published by Project Roots, Copyright 2004
ISBN 0-9735703-0-X
Voices of the Left Behind contains the personal stories of nearly 50 Canadian war children who have been helped by Project Roots since 1980. It is filled with fascinating archival images and documents as well as original war time correspondence between the mothers and their Canadian boyfriends or husbands, the Department of National Defence, Veterans Affairs, Immigration Branch, Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian Wives Bureau. Letters from the war children to the Military Personnel Records Unit of the National Archives of Canada requesting information on their Canadian fathers' whereabouts illustrate the historic pattern of denial of access to information that has gone on for nearly 60 years since the end of World War Two. What these institutions all have in common is their consistent refusal to help the war children find their Canadian fathers. Introductory essays frame the subject and give a historical context to the tragic situations these women and their children often found themselves in at the end of World War Two.

Project Roots was founded in 1980 by Olga and Lloyd Rains of Haarlem, the Netherlands. Olga, a Dutch War Bride, and Lloyd, a Canadian veteran who liberated Holland with the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) in 1945, have made it their life's work to help Dutch, British and European war children find their roots in Canada. Since 1995, the Rains have worked with Melynda Jarratt of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, who runs their website http://www.project-roots.com. The three work by internet across the Atlantic and together they produced Voices of the Left Behind, a book that was nearly three years in the making.

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